Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not quite cheerful update.

Still no job for me.

Still no teeth for Charlotte.

Other than that, things are okay, I guess. It's hard to be too excited about everything else when I'm worried about basic subsistence. But we'll work it out.

In other news, Charlotte turned seven months old last week! It was very exciting, landing in the middle of "Dress Week." Last week we had Charlotte wear all of the pretty dresses she got as gifts that we have no need to wear on a daily basis. Some of them are truly cute, but baby tights are a pain in the neck, and it was so cold for so long that tights were a necessity. Last week, though, Western Mass had a crazy bout of late-May-like weather, so Charlotte got to wear cute dresses without tights.

Here's a shot from a visit with the grandparents, in the cute, but totally non-practical dress they gave her at Easter:

And here she is, asleep on her 7 month birthday:

Quick memory points for 6 to 7 months:

* Right now Charlotte's eating rice cereal, avocado, and the occasional banana. She pretty much actively dislikes everything orange, and cauliflower (Dad's idea, not mine) gave her sewer gas. Avocado is her favorite, without a doubt.

* Charlotte's unlocked the sippy cup mystery, and can happily drink from it. We use the Born Free sippy cup, with no BPA and with a low-vacuum valve. It leaks maybe a bit more, but it's a safer plastic, and low-vacuum is something I like, because it makes transition to an actual cup easier.

* As much as I love to wear Charlotte around town in the baby carrier (Babyhawk, yay!) she is totally digging the stroller. She likes to cruise around, watching the scenery roll by, and flinging any shoes, hats, socks, etc. that she can peel of onto the ground. She also likes to nap in there.

* Charlotte is way into the polysyllabic babbling, rather than the joyous shrieks that were her primary method of vocalizing before. She will do the ba-ba-ba and ma-ma-ma quite a lot. It's pretty adorable.

* Charlotte rolls over all the time now, which is too bad, because I keep telling her she can almost crawl on her tummy. She'd rather just flip over onto her back and wave around until I help her sit up.

* Charlotte is verrry interested in the kitties, and will watch them whenever they move. She also seems to like the neighbors' dogs and any other dog she meets. Previously she didn't always seem to even notice them, but now anything that moves catches her interest. She'll watch the birds and dogs outside, and whenever a cat walks into a room she watches it and reaches out her hands in a clutching movement, like, "I want it!"

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I've got for now.

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