Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlotte's new thing is rhyming.  She's so so good at it, just grasps it really solidly.  At bedtime sometimes she likes to do some chatting before bed.  We did some rhyming tonight. 

Mama:  What rhymes with day?

Charlotte:  [after some other rhymes] Tay.

Mama:  Tay isn't a word, baby.

Charlotte:  Yes it is.

Mama:  Okay, what does it mean?

Charlotte:  "Tay" is like a creature, a tiny bug.  A big monster with green fur, and it lives under the sea.  A "tay."

She totally does this whenever we do rhyming and she thinks of something that isn't actually a word.  The made up words are usually creatures, bugs, monsters.  They are tiny, big, with fur, and under the sea.  It's great.  I love her.

paper faerie wings

my brother's dog, doing the "play bow" to Charlotte

Charlotte doing the "play bow" to the dog

Museum of Science & Technology, Syracuse NY


excavating at the Museum

giant Kinex table at the museum

Charlotte & her uncle & aunt

weird close-up

Friday, February 4, 2011

In the continuing adventures of Charlotte preferring cooking television to all other screen-based entertainment, today she had me set up her table so she could cook.  She brought all her food over to her table, and said, "Hi, I'm Charlotte, and these are my ingredients."  She's now detailing the process of making soup, including ripping off Julia Child's "whang! whang!" sound effect while chopping vegetables.  I'm totally laughing my ass of at this monster we've created.