Thursday, May 15, 2008

Talent Show

Charlotte's new-extra-special-super-duper talent? Pulling off her socks so that she can suck her toes. She's been pulling off her socks for quite a while now, but only in the last couple weeks has she figured out that she can actually get her feet in her mouth. The other day she was so into sucking her toe that I couldn't stop her - every time I tried she'd just put her foot back in. Her big toe was all prune-y from it! So silly, and a little gross.

Since I will be working during the day again very soon, long shopping trips and walks during the week will be out. So yesterday Charlotte and I made her first trip into Amherst to take a walk and play on the common. She played on her blanket, and tried valiantly to eat her shoes. We then walked to the cemetery so I could take a picture of her by Emily Dickinson's grave, since Charlotte's middle name is, in fact, Emily. I forgot my camera, though, so I took a picture on my phone. If I can ever figure out how to get the picture off, I will post it. It was a really lovely afternoon.

I was trying to channel that loveliness at 4 am when we got up. Again.

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