Friday, December 21, 2012

One Week Later.

One week later.

On Monday, our school district had a 2 hour delay due to ice. I imagined all the parents were grateful, for once. 2 more hours before the parents had to be brave, and have faith, and send their kids back to school.

My pre-schooler goes to school at the elementary school building - and most days they buzz us in (outer doors are locked during school hours) and we just walk to her class. Monday when we were buzzed in they asked us to sign in at the office.

The flag outside of the school was at half-mast and coated with ice. Banging against the flag pole with a thud, dull and metallic at the same time.

I wasn't sure if more parents than usual picked up kids from school, rather than letting them take the bus. The kids sounded the same, that I do know. Parents were quieter, though.

My pre-schooler doesn't take the bus, but it does stop at our apartment complex. Most days only one or two parents are waiting for the bus. Monday there were 5. Including a neighbor who usually just watches from her window for her two kids to get off the bus. She was quiet. Smoking. Eyes cast down. Waiting outside, scanning down the road to look.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Conversation with teacher.

Most days, at pick-up, I ask Charlotte's teacher, Mrs. R, how the day went. And how Charlotte did. She was telling me about a conversation she overheard between Charlotte and her friend A.

A:  You could come to my house and we could have a playdate and watch "The Little Mermaid!"

Charlotte:  My mom and dad do not prefer "The Little Mermaid." But you can come to my house and we can watch "The Polar Express!"

I was laughing and kind of sheepish.  "It's true!" I said to Mrs. R. "She gets to watch lots of things but I just find 'The Little Mermaid' kind of creepy now. The part where she gives up all this stuff for a guy she doesn't know..."  Both Mrs. R and a friend agreed that it was a little off-putting.  I still felt a little sheepish about it, I don't want to be That Mom....but at the same time, "The Little Mermaid" is kind of an awful message wrapped up with some really catchy songs.

hipster ariel hated little mermaid before you did

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Monday, December 3, 2012