Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surprisingly self-aware.

The day we had, copied from Facebook:

Epic tantrum today. Over an hour of whining, crying, screaming, writhing on the floor, and boogery hiccups. AND she's still in her pajamas. I have a hard time not laughing at her sometimes, is that wrong?

To Charlotte's credit, she was honest with Matt when he came home and asked her how her day was. She said, "I spitted on the couch, and then when Mom put me in time out I screamed...I did not do a good job today." Matt told her that he thought she should give me a hug and kiss, which she did, and spontaneously added, "I'm sorry I made you upset today."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Charlotte just told her grandmother that her belly button is for pooping.  What??

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Holy acting out, Batman!

Charlotte just had an epic meltdown.  We have just been failing all morning at making good choices, and she just totally flipped out a few minutes ago.  She ripped stuff off the refrigerator, refused to stay on the time out chair, and then took a swing at my face.  I put her in her room with the baby gate up for 15 minutes for some enforced quiet time.  I think she's missing her dad and feeling crappy.  We're all feeling crappy - Charlotte had a stomach bug last week, and then Matt had stomach bug + achiness + sore throat starting on Friday, and I woke up today with a wicked sore throat.

I am wondering if Charlotte will fall asleep if I leave her alone long enough.  It's still a little early for a nap, but between daylight savings time and running around all weekend, she might be a little worn out.  I also don't know how long she was up before I got up this morning.  She opened her door around 8:30, but it's possible she was up much earlier than that.

I can't wait for spring & the chance to run off all this crabbiness and crankiness outside.  Going outside without boots, hat, mittens & snowpants also sounds really luxurious right now.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big kid.

I must post this stuff right now so when the shoe drops next week I will be able to remind myself of how awesome Charlotte did this weekend.

It started on Friday; even though Charlotte got very little sleep on Thursday night (let's not talk about that while we're in a good mood) she rocked it at physical therapy.  She did everything Arlene asked her to do, even the stuff that was tricky or exhausting.

Saturday morning we went out to Troy to see my stepsister, her husband & their daughter.  He's in the military, and is being stationed in North Carolina.  They move later this month from New York to North Carolina, so we wanted to get the girls together before that.  We went to the Childrens' Museum of Science & Technology in Troy, continuing our theme of science museums, I guess.  Charlotte handled the car ride out and back like a pro, and has really gotten this using public restrooms thing down pat.  She does hate the air dryers, though, especially the automatic ones.  Charlotte was so excited to see her cousin, B.  B just turned two back in February, and she was adorable and pretty well behaved also.

One of the things that impressed me the most about my kid is that there was a little wildlife presentation where a museum employee had different wild animals that the kids could touch.  Despite never having been to pre-school or day care or church school, Charlotte understood the whole "circle time" concept.  She picked up a carpet square to sit on, put it away afterwards, and even raised her hand and said "Excuse me!" to get the adult's attention.  AMAZING.  Plus, she sat with her legs out straight and her toes pointing at the ceiling, which must have seemed weird to the museum staff, but that's the way Arlene is always asking Charlotte to sit.

Today we had a major cooking day, cooking a bunch of new recipes to make a crazy elaborate (for us) dinner.  It was Matt's idea & project, and he made sure to get Charlotte involved nearly every step of the way.  She was with him grocery shopping, she prepped all the herbs, and even used the chopper attachment to make the herb paste.  She tried every single thing on her plate, even stinky cheese and mashed potatoes!  (Charlotte is weirdly opposed to mashed potatoes, I can't figure it out.)

I seriously had such a blast with her this weekend.  Three and a half years old seems like such a huge difference from three, and I'm enjoying the ride.