Thursday, June 3, 2010

quick things

* We are very deep into a "Buzz and Woody" phase.  Buzz tends to appear a lot in an invisible capacity, frequently climbing trees outside the window.

* Charlotte is an amazing swimmer - she's getting good at holding her breath, kicking, paddling, and "dunk myself over."

* I'm currently trying to scale way back on TV and meeting resistance.  I'm not okay with the amount of TV for the preschool members of this house, so that's just tough.

* Potty training!  1 good day, 1 bad day.  Tomorrow is a new day.

* Charlotte fed a goat at the farm while we picked up the CSA box.  She called it over to the fence by saying, "Hi, goat goat goaty goaty.  Hi little goaty goat."

* When Charlotte is sucking up to ask me a favor, she calls me "Honey Mom."  She also calls me "Mama Boy" when she's being affectionate.

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