Monday, June 28, 2010

The Summer Sick

Warning - if you don't feel like reading potty training/diaper issues, you might just want to skip this whole entry.

Oh man, this happened last year, and now it's happening again...Charlotte had a day of an upset stomach, and now she has the diaper rash from hell.  Last summer she had off and on diarrhea and a red, raised, raw diaper rash for almost 4 whole weeks.  What a bummer.  (ha! no pun intended.)  Today has been a miserable diaper day, and now she has a rash that caused her to cry and leap off the changing table at least once today.  I feel so awful for her, it's gotta suck.  And it's come at such a horrible time, potty training-wise.

Charlotte has made AMAZING strides with the potty training.  I will have to take a picture of her chart to show you.  We went out this weekend, and she sat on the toilet in a few different places, and even peed on the toilet at the library!  Which is awesome.  We're using the portable potty seat thing that we ordered from One Step Ahead, and it's made little toddler on big toilets so much easier to deal with.  Charlotte and I have also had a lot of talks about how bathrooms have a lot of germs, and we need to wash our hands a lot when we are using bathrooms.  This is going great.  I just wish more public bathrooms had footstools to stand on.  It's hard to prop up Charlotte AND help her wash her hands AND hang on to the diaper bag AND try and keep her from not getting soaked by all the puddles that seem to be all over every public restroom counter.

This diarrhea/diaper rash combo is horrible, though.  Charlotte still won't poop on the potty (typical but frustrating) and now she's nervous about sitting on the potty because her bum is so sore, and she can't really interpret her body's signals, so she's never sure when she should sit.  I hope the diarrhea is over soon, and we can just go to all naked time, and hopefully that will heal the rash and help her get back on track.

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