Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flashback: February 2007

One of the things I do, um, a lot, is to write things on little pieces of paper and put those pieces of paper into whatever bag I am carrying.  The intent is to transcribe them later either into a journal, or copy them into a blog, or something.  What I usually end up doing is transferring stacks of little pieces of paper from bag to bag or folder to folder until, in an orgy of insanity (or in an orgy of procrastination for some other task) I sort through all the little pieces of paper and glue them into journals.

Today, cleaning my room, I found this one.  Undated, but you can extrapolate from the text:

i found out i was pregnant on 2/9. went on vacation 2/16-2/18. first started getting fatigued on 2/16, and first started getting nauseous [sic] on 2/20. today is the 28th, and i've felt sick every day since then.

Kinda funny to read this little paper.  Weird to think that I'll not have a chance to write that sort of thing again.  I'm more and more sure that I'm just not going to be able to convince Matt to have another kid.  Going so far as to put some maternity clothes in the Salvation Army pile while cleaning my room, selling all the baby clothes (except for really special stuff) at a yard sale.  Bittersweet.

(this is a picture from that vacation! i don't really have any pictures of me from around that time, they are on the dead computer.)

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