Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bits and Bobs.

* Well, so far Charlotte's disastrous diaper rash and upset tummy combo aren't as bad as they were the last two summers, knock on wood.  It is derailing potty training, and I'm trying not to freak out about that.

* Friends of ours are going in to have a baby today!  Or at least start today.  K is going in to be induced.  I'm VERY excited.  This should motivate me to, I don't know, mail out the baby shower gift or something.

* We had a very good trip to the library this weekend.  Charlotte and I went by ourselves, and she was very good at whispering and letting me know that she wanted to use the bathroom.  Charlotte is getting better at approaching kids and using her words about playing with them, but she didn't do so great this time.  She had a lot of fun playing with the train table (as usual) and playing with the dollhouse.  She used the doll to go potty (of course, first thing every kid does) but she also set up a work area in the living room of the dollhouse with a desk, computer, chair & person.  She also lined up the toy chairs and put people in them to make a "chair train", which is one of her favorite activities to do at home.  I have a small hole punch, so we do a lot of ticket punching.

* For books/stories, Charlotte is very much into Jack and the Beanstalk right now.  Not so much the giant part (though she loves "Fee Fi Fo Fum!") but the magic beans and how they grow into a giant bean stalk.  Maybe next we'll do The Princess and the Pea...I think she'd like that idea.

* Lots of fun with our garden plot, window boxes and our CSA membership.  Charlotte loves going to the garden and eating cherry tomatoes, watering the plants, and picking berries from the thicket at the back.  At the farm we have a CSA share from, Charlotte gets to feed the "f-a-t fat" goats.  She also got to help pick strawberries, water the herb beds, and wash her hands at the outdoor sink.  This week we're gonna try and pick peas & flowers with Auntie & Baby G.  This picture is what all our radishes look like - they are too small (I can't believe I'm failing radishes!) and Charlotte always demands to eat them.  She gnaws them from the side, bizarrely enough.

* The pool at our apartment complex mysteriously broke - it is full of green water and closed until further notice.  This...did not go over well with Charlotte.  We are desperately hoping that it will be fixed for the upcoming long weekend.

* Charlotte just told me that she didn't want to lay down on the couch because there were crumbs, and I  need to help her.  So I guess that's it for now!

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