Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's Doctor Visit

Sometime on Wednesday, Charlotte pinched her left index fingertip.  I'm not sure whether it was in the closet doors (bi-fold, usually blocked so she can't open them and close them) or the footstool/rocking chair (damn gliders!).  It was red on Wednesday, and on Thursday it got more and more swollen, with a little line of white next to the nailbed.  Matt was concerned on Thursday night that she might have broken it - since she could still bend it, and it only seemed to bother her when I poked it, I thought it might just be swollen.  We decided to take a look at it this morning, and then see if we could get her a doctor appointment.

It did look worse this morning, so I rushed her to the doctor's office to squeeze into the walk-in sick child office hours.  I really, really, really love our pediatric practice, Hamthrax rigmarole notwithstanding.  Dr. B took a look, and said that he thinks it is a small localized infection surrounding the injured finger, and that the white area around the nail bed is actually a pus pocket.  EWWWW.  There are really two ways to handle it.  1.  Soak it repeatedly, and the swelling should go down, and the pus will diminish.  2.  A course of antibiotics.  Or, 3. He will write a 'script for antibiotics, and if the soaking doesn't work over the next day or so, we can fill the 'script and start Charlotte on the antibiotics.  That's the option that appeals both to me and Matt, so we'll give it a try.

Also, Charlotte now weighs 34.6 pounds.  That is crazy.  She's hugemongous.

The doctor and the physicians assistant were both really impressed that Charlotte hasn't been on antibiotics before.  I admit, I'm pretty impressed with that myself - considering that I was such an antibiotic hog in my grade school/high school years with my jillion cases of strep & bronchitis, I have a lot of antibiotic-resistant-super-bug guilt.

We'll see how this goes.  Currently, soaking the injured finger is a fun activity - we'll see how patience (hers and mine) lasts as the day progresses.

ETA picture of nasty finger boo-boo

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