Monday, May 17, 2010


Had a great impromptu play session with the neighbor boys.  They are twins, 10 months younger than Charlotte, or thereabouts.  She has been really interested in them lately, and they think she has good toys (she does) so they get along great.  I also really like their mom, who is easy to talk to and very mellow.  I think if you have toddler twin boys living in a small apartment, you are kind of forced into mellowness, at least when it comes to things like Charlotte feeding them snacks from their snack traps (WTF?) or the grabbiness & mess that comes from 3 toddlers, 3 containers of bubble solution, 1 tray, and 25+ bubble wands.  Charlotte had a blast, and did a relatively good job sharing.  There was some grabbing, but no pushing or hitting, which was a big relief to me.  Granted, Charlotte has never hit another kid, but then, she doesn't really play with other kids, either, so who knows what could happen with repeated exposure?

Anyway, it was really nice to spend an hour chilling with the mom & kids, and her mom came by later ("Meemaw!!") and then Matt came home, and it was just a nice neighborhood moment.  The other mom (I do know her name, I'm just being discreet) confessed that she was really glad that we were outside and had an activity - she was having one of those days where she couldn't tell whether she was making a big deal out of nothing, or if the kids were being particularly badly behaved.  God, I know that feeling well.  It's the end of the day and you feel exhausted and worn out, and all sense of perspective is gone.  I'm so glad we could all have a break for an hour or so while our kids were well-behaved, cute, and friendly.

Meanwhile, in other mom-of-twins news (horribly segue, I know), Jane is going to be writing a memoir!  I'm excited because I've been reading her blog for a LONG time (probably around the time Charlotte was born), and I like her writing style and her stories.  Plus, her kids are cute and she lives in Massachusetts.  (I'm what you call a "homer."  I am vastly interested in anything from my home area, and that especially includes writers.)  Way to go, Jane!

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