Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Still sick.  Charlotte is a little perplexed by Mama's constant dragging and laying on couches.  I feel bad that we're not getting more time outside, but the weather is obliging by being cold and wet.  Charlotte is spending a lot of time playing with her Cars cars & her Little People animals...they have a lot really hysterical interactions based around a) who is friends, b) who is fast, c) who lives in ice, and d) who is a 'fabulous race car.'

(Charlotte and her "best buddy car Mater")

Charlotte is also interested in Venus Flytraps....Matt and I watched "life" on Discovery and thought she might be interested in the Plants episode since she's obsessed with 'planting sings [things] in the soil.'  She was fascinated and a little freaked out by the Venus Flytrap.  Then Dinosaur Train had an episode about some form of Drosera (Sundew plant) and talked about carnivorous plants.  So she's REALLY into carnivorous plants.  We spend a lot of time looking at the 10 page National Geographic article from a month ago on carnivorous plants, and we made up a hand-thing where we talk about Venus Flytraps.  I will try and get that on video.

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