Thursday, April 22, 2010

Still Sick

We're on day...I don't even know...of this particular illness, and Charlotte and I are still coughing.  No one has puked in a few days, so that's something.  The last few days have been full of willpower battles - Charlotte really wants to get into her humidifier (damn us for picking the cute froggie one! too tempting!) and she has been sent to time out approximately 8 times in 48 hrs for being unable to stop messing with it.  We are limited by the very small number of flat surfaces in her room.  There is really only one place for it to go, and it turns out that she can reach it there.  We spent a little while running in there every few minutes to catch her touching it and then make her stop, and then put her in time out, then jury-rigged a stable platform out of her reach.  Funny thing that's come out of it is hearing Charlotte say, "humidifier froggie."

Have gotten slack in creative meals lately - there has been a little too much reliance on peanut butter & jelly and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Part of the problem is that I'm sick too, which I keep forgetting to use as an excuse to cut myself some slack.  I'm hacking up a lung here, I can't be expected to come up with fun & nutritious snacks, dammit.  It's also the time of year where finding organic fruit is harder - and Charlotte gets tired of frozen berries...and I get tired of cleaning them up.

I've also been casting around for some new projects/independent play stuff to do with Charlotte.  I have a project or two up my sleeve for tomorrow - I got some tube pasta from the store, and cut some old (very stained) onesies into fabric strips, and I'm got to see if she can thread them.  I have a big bag of pom poms, and a muffin tin, and I'll let her sort them out.  I have white glue and paint brushes and paper grass...there should be something I can do with that.  Unfortunately, a lot of this is supervised stuff, but maybe after we make some macaroni necklaces I can direct her to the dress-up box.  Maybe I can put some different stuff in there...hmm.  I seriously wish that my whole job was doing projects with Charlotte all day.  She even knows the word project, it's awesome.  As soon as she sees me gather up stuff and bring it to the kitchen table, she asks, "Dat a project, Mama?  Dat you project?"  If I tell her that I have a project for both of us, she gets even more excited.  "Oh boy, a project, yay!"  Girl after my own heart.

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