Friday, October 15, 2010

Not the best way to start a Friday.

Charlotte was up from 2 am to 6:30 am.  Some of it was cheerful, "Mom! Mom! Mom! Can you wrap Tigger*?" and some of it was tearful.  I got up the first 4 times (it was a trade-off long ago that I'd get up with Charlotte at night if Matt would be 100% in charge of the litterbox), but I started kind of falling apart around 5 am.  I couldn't separate my dreams from my awake time.  At one point, I thought Charlotte was shouting through the baby monitor, "Mom! I need more Tim Gunn!"  When I begged Matt to go in and help her, I finally realized that she was saving, "I need more Velveteen Rabbit!"  I guess I was feeling guilty for DVRing Project Runway and then deleting it before Charlotte watched it.

Now it's 8:46, and Charlotte's still asleep, and Matt's leaving for work.  Usually, no matter how little sleep she got, we wake her when Matt leaves.  We have found that Charlotte flips her lid if she wakes up and Daddy is already gone.  It totally messes with her head for HOURS.  Today though, she's only been asleep for about 2 hours.  There's gonna be hell to pay when I finally DO get her up, but I'm not going to wake her intentionally until at least 10:30.  If Charlotte wakes up before then, so be it, but I can't really look forward to a day of no television and that little sleep.

* Sometimes her best buddy Tigger likes to be swaddled. He's still a very young Tigger, you see, and he finds it comforting.  I guess.

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