Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Either my angel baby is teething, or the fairies came and swapped her. She might also have a cold. I'm not sure what's going on, except she's been fussy for 2 days straight, and not even the usual stuff calms her. It's frustrating, but mostly I'm just worried that something is bugging her and she can't tell me what.

We did do a lot this weekend, and our bed routines were completely toasted. Yesterday I actually put the TV on during the day with the intent that she be distracted - she was, and I felt guilty, but she was so unhappy all day. I was a little surprised when flipping through the channels (sorry, PBS, I just can't do Barney) and Charlotte shrieked with joy at The Millionaire Matchmaker. I am disturbed that Charlotte finds fake tans so awesome. Yikes.

This Sunday was Charlotte's 5 month birthday! I didn't actually take a picture during the day - we were in Quincy visiting our friends Dave and Aaron (and Steph, and Ying and Glyph), and I forgot my camera. I did take a picture of her that night, though.

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