Monday, February 4, 2008

Busy, busy.

There's been a lot going on, and I haven't been able to blog all of it. I still want to blog some major baby things - like the issues I had breastfeeding, and the whole birth experience. I also wanted to post about how our friends have reacted to the whole baby thing. I'll get to that eventually.

Things that are currently noteworthy - we got Charlotte a high chair, we packed up some of her tiniest baby clothes, she's sucking her thumb pretty regularly now, and she had a good doctor's appointment last week. My grandfather is also sick and in the hospital, which is less good. My sister Nicole and I drove out to eastern MA to see him, and brought some Charlotte pictures, as well as pictures of his other great-grandchildren. He really did enjoy that. My mom, who saw him after Nicole and I left said that he was showing all the nurses his great-grandchildren pictures, and was still tickled that we brought them for him.

We got Charlotte a high chair 1) because it was on deep discount, 2) she'll need one soon enough, and 3) she really wants to be with us during dinner, and it's hard to eat one-handed. I do take very seriously the current medical guidelines. It's recommended that you hold off on solid foods for as long as possible, preferably until 6 months for formula-fed babies. I've heard that breast-fed babies can go even longer. Charlotte just turned 4 months, but she's so interested in sitting up, that I wanted to start getting her used to the high chair now, so that we aren't doing too many new things at once by the time we're feeding her rice cereal.

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