Thursday, September 30, 2010

Telling stories.

Charlotte is into storytelling in a BIG way lately.  They aren't particularly linear, exactly, but they are very structured, in an awesome way.  She has the mechanics down, the "....and Alice said....and dad said...and the next day...but then..."  Frequent characters in her stories are Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Mr. Rabbit (the White Rabbit), Mom (me, or Alice's mom), Dad (Matt, or Alice's Dad), Woody (from Toy Story), Buzz (from Toy Story) and Cinderella (you can guess from where).  Sometimes she gets so involved with the story that she forgets to eat, or pee, or whatever it is she is supposed to be doing.  It's totally hilarious.  And when Charlotte is really tired sometimes there aren't even real words.  Just "...mumble mumble...gibberish....AND THEN.....blah....SO...."

Here is an actual partial transcript of a story from the day of her birthday party (September 19th), when she really started telling stories in earnest:

...and Alice said, "Mom...Mom and Dad...can I go out and chase that rabbit?" and so...and so...her mom said, "Of course, of course," but...and so...we sent an email first.

One of the things the parents in Charlotte's stories frequently say is, "Of course, my dear," which just cracks me up.  

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