Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Home Opener.

We are big Red Sox fans in these parts. Today Charlotte and I are wearing our official MLB wear, our official and non-official pink visors, and one of us is wearing red socks. We are good to go.

It's funny, we have a lot of Red Sox baby stuff, a good chunk of it pink. I think what happened was that I didn't have a "theme" for my nursery or baby shower, so a lot of people just figured, "Hey, Jenn loves the Red Sox," so we got a lot of baby Red Sox stuff. And I'm definitely okay with that, though it is rather branded and gender-specific. I guess even my hippieness has a limit. I was listing the stuff in my head, and it's quite a lot. One t-shirt, one outfit, one pair of shoes, 2 sets of pacifier and pacifier leash, one teddy bear, one set of sippy cups, one blankie (though we bought that ourselves) and one hand-made maternity t-shirt that said "Future Red Sox Fan" with an arrow pointing to my belly. Yup, I wore that to a game last year under my Papelbon jersey. No, I don't think there are any pictures, thank god.

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