Friday, February 7, 2014

Six years old is so cool. Tonight Charlotte went to a little Pajama Party with musical guest at school. I stayed home because I felt lousy, and was swamped with work. When they got home, I was chatting with her about the musician. "Did you like the music?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said.

"Was it his own songs or stuff that you already knew?"

"Mostly I knew them."

"Did he play any Pete Seeger?" I asked. Pete Seeger is sort of a sensitive subject. She's bummed that he died. But glad that he left such a catalog to go through.

"Actually yes," she said. "And he played a banjo most of the time. I love the banjo."

After I tucked her in and was sitting back at my desk, it sorta blew my mind that we can have conversations like this. She knows who Pete Seeger is, she knows his songs, she knows the instrument he played most often, and we can chat about how this guy she heard tonight relates back to it.

Now I just have to teach her about Joy Division and New Order, and that will round out her education nicely.

Charlotte's favorite "Girl Power" jammies, with female superheroes.

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