Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa has all the best tech, I bet.

One of those long and winding Charlotte lines of reason. One of Charlotte's favorite shows is Wild Kratts on PBS.  It's an animated show where they talk about animals and all their features and how they are kind of like super-powers. One episode, called "The Gecko Effect" talks about how geckos feet aren't like suction cups at all, they are covered with tiny cili (cilia? cilie? just doing this from memory, folks) that have an electrical charge. Basically, geckos stick to the wall with static electricity.

Charlotte & I were picking up Matt from work one day and she was telling him what she learned about geckos. She had picked up from the show that people had not found a way to re-create this yet. Matt said that he had heard that there was a lab in Germany that was figuring it out, and Charlotte was very excited. She and he talked about other developments in science that came from the animal world - she had also learned about spider silk from another episode of Wild Kratts.

Today, sitting at lunch, Charlotte was talking about the basilisk lizard and how it can run on water. "Hey!" she said. "I need to ask Daddy. Maybe Santa has figured out basilisk lizards, and he can help me for Christmas."

Charlotte wants Santa to help her walk on water.  Heh.

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