Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is representative of me as a person that almost every time Charlotte goes to her grandparents' house for an overnight, I have the should-I or should-I-wait debate with myself about trimming her bangs.  Her bangs are hanging in her face, she's getting a tic from shaking them out of her eyes all the time, and she just looks scraggly.  But cutting them NEVER works out well (at least not since the beginner's luck case of when I initially gave her bangs, back when she was almost three), so there's the risk of sending her to Grammy with blunt, new, crooked bangs.

I used to feel bad about how I could never manage to get her bangs to come out well, but after a while, I realized that none of her hairdressers can either.  So at least that doesn't make me feel inadequate anymore.  I posted on Facebook this morning that I'd rather save the $12 and 20 minutes and cut them myself, since Charlotte's inability to keep still means that her bangs look the same no matter who cuts them.

I went with the trim, because I figured it's best to look like I made the effort, no matter how misguided.  Tell you what, though - the week before school starts her bangs can be someone else's headache.  Because she needs a trim, too, and there's no way our relationship can take that.

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