Monday, April 2, 2012

the quotable miss charlotte emily - cribbed from facebook

* "Hi-ho-the-dairy-o the duck's wife takes the chick! Hi-ho-the-dairy-o the duckling takes the chick's friend."

* Charlotte told me, "I woke up crazy today."

* Charlotte just used the word "whatnot" correctly. "Oh, Saturday. A family day. A *big* family day. A day to visit with your friends and whatnot."

* Me, foolishly trying to bargain: "I'm pretty sure even pirates brush their teeth."

Charlotte, indignant: "They do not! Pirates do not brush their teeth! Baby pirates do not brush their teeth! Big pirates do not brush their teeth! All people who live in the wild do not brush their teeth. Hmph."

Bonus parent quote:

* Shit parents say: "That's it. You are in time out for kicking the toilet."

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