Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oblivious Mom moment.

As I was getting Charlotte ready for school yesterday, I was going around in circle trying to decide whether to put her in her raincoat (waterproof but not warm) or her hoodie (warm but not waterproof).  Around and around I went on this, finally deciding to send her in her sweatshirt, because she wasn't going to be outside for that long at recess, and I'm sure she wouldn't soak through in 15 minutes.

I pulled into the parking circle at school and as I pulled Charlotte out of the car, I realized that I could have just put her in her winter coat - both warm AND waterproof.  DUH, Mom. 

I put her in her winter coat today, and, of course, it was sunny & gorgeous at school today.  Whatever, I will take credit for the beautiful blue sky today just by Murphy's Law.

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