Sunday, July 3, 2011

Midsummer Update

Charlotte facts:

In an effort to sound authoritative, she sometimes says, "Boys & girls need X," or "Boys and girls want more Y."
She tells Matt, "cut it out" when he sings along with things.
She has an invisible imaginary herd of "brothers & sisters"
She cries when it's time to leave the pool.
She can spell STOP and GO with her alphabet magnets
She is *so* into the hobbit right now.
Every time we go to the library we get a book on the ocean/seashore/shells/creatures
She loves books on tape, we think she's trying to teach herself how to read
Finally started playing with "babies"
Can (mostly) get herself dressed & put on her velcro shoes. (Matt got her the right socks, ankle socks, instead of her regular Old Navy & Carters crew socks.)

Copied from my Facebook status:
6/28 - Things that happened today: I made a tutu for a barbie and my kid pirouetted to Tchaikovsky.
6/28 - ...and we just had our first instance of barbie alteration. I caught Charlotte coloring Barbie's hair with a marker. She's in trouble because we only color on paper, but I can't fault her argument. "I didn't want her hair to be golden like Rapunzel anymore. I wanted it to be red or purple."
6/26 - I heard Charlotte's door open this morning and went over and said, "Good morning, baby, how are you?" 

The first words out of Charlotte's mouth this morning were, "You speak very well."
6/26 - Charlotte, on watching a tiny bit of a football movie - "Football is like Angry Birds. They crash into people like Angry Birds. And pigs. And they are mad."
6/25 - Nice morning running errands together, along with an imaginary, invisible Rapunzel. At one point, Charlotte was trying to hold my hand, hang on to her teddy bear, and hold Rapunzel's hand, too. I pointed out that Rapunzel is 18 years old and capable of crossing a parking lot by herself.
6/21 - Charlotte is greatly enjoying Flock of Seagulls "I Ran (So Far Away or Whatver The Hell My Title Is You All Know Which One I Mean)." It has spurred a request for "rock and roll that makes my hair shake." Nice.
6/20 - Today's too ambitious for Monday project: Charlotte is making a spider web with Elmer's Glue & yarn
6/19 - About to take Charlotte on a firefly hunt! In the car - there are no good fields within walking distance & a sidewalk. (Also, I don't think she has any more room on her wee little body for mosquito bites.)
6/14 - Charlotte keeps saying, "I need to get to Paris!" She's also already packed for a weekend at Grammy's - 4 tote bags of blocks and a purse full of woodland creatures. I wonder if she's confused...
6/13 - Charlotte wants a CD player that plays records. She just showed me a catalog with the "vintage" Fisher Price record players, and pointed to it. "I want the CD player that plays those CDs, like Lilo."
6/13 - Charlotte is *very* into wearing dresses lately. It's not a girlie thing - it's a "no pants" thing. She finally realized there's a workaround.


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