Monday, May 23, 2011

Singing songs.

Charlotte has been singing since before she could speak.  She used to hum musically to get herself to fall asleep (sometimes it was more of a tuneful moan).  She repeated songs we sang to her, made up her own.  Now we're in a phase where not only is she making up her own words, but she's making them rhyme.  This blows my mind in the best way possible.  I think she's so brilliant.

Here are some recent songs/poems, copied from Facebook:

All the creatures, they took my heart away.
My heart, my heart....every day.

Every night while I'm sleeping, the moon is rising.
The moon is rising and rising.
Like pizza dough.
Pizza dough, rising and rising.
Like yeast. Yeast rises.

Of course, for every moment of genius, there is a moment of anti-genius.  This morning I had to make up a new rule, one that I never expected to have to make - Rule #745:  Do not dip your hair in the toilet.

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