Sunday, March 13, 2011

Holy acting out, Batman!

Charlotte just had an epic meltdown.  We have just been failing all morning at making good choices, and she just totally flipped out a few minutes ago.  She ripped stuff off the refrigerator, refused to stay on the time out chair, and then took a swing at my face.  I put her in her room with the baby gate up for 15 minutes for some enforced quiet time.  I think she's missing her dad and feeling crappy.  We're all feeling crappy - Charlotte had a stomach bug last week, and then Matt had stomach bug + achiness + sore throat starting on Friday, and I woke up today with a wicked sore throat.

I am wondering if Charlotte will fall asleep if I leave her alone long enough.  It's still a little early for a nap, but between daylight savings time and running around all weekend, she might be a little worn out.  I also don't know how long she was up before I got up this morning.  She opened her door around 8:30, but it's possible she was up much earlier than that.

I can't wait for spring & the chance to run off all this crabbiness and crankiness outside.  Going outside without boots, hat, mittens & snowpants also sounds really luxurious right now.

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  1. Spring teased us here in central NC last week, but now yhe temp's back in the 40's.