Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cheap and Easy post. 2011 so far.

Various Charlotte stories from Facebook and Twitter.  (Re-runs, basically.)  Right now Charlotte is doing a rather fascinating and disturbing play - stabbing Yoda with a stick and saying that she's "checking his froat."  I swear I have never stuck her with sticks in the interest of science.

* C is playing "violin" by holding a pillow under her chin and sawing a drumstick back and forth. she's also dancing, which is prob dangerous.

* c says "look at my art!"

* Additional Charlotte note: Apparently she can read now and is keeping it secret. We were talking about recycling and she was saying that big girls recycle at the "likwer store." I said, "Yes, they do have recycling at the liquor store." and she said, "No, Mama, the LIKWER store." (She & Matt went to Liquors 44 last night in search of cider, and I guess that reminded her of the bottle return there.)

* Charlotte just said, "When you see it upside down, it's the letter W. When you see it upside up, it's the letter M." Nice work, kid.

*   I asked C what her fave part of the day was & she said "Watching Roger [Everyday Exotic with Roger Mooking]. And playing with Auntie Acole." But Roger came 1st. 

* Okay, Charlotte watches to much Cooking Channel. At dinner tonight she was watching herself in the mirror and saying, "Okay, now we get the liquid from the peas. And then we make celery sandwiches..." - couscous piled on yogurt on top of cucumber slices - "...and we pat it down gently, like this. Gently."

* Two visits in two days, this is the craziest my social life has been in a LONG time. Firehouse crew over last night for dinner & hanging out, Aunt Jen & Uncle John today, yay!!! Charlotte can't wait. "Auntie Jen & Uncle John are coming to see ME. And we should make them scrambled eggs."

* I have this theory that every fabric-bodied baby doll with a plastic head & limbs ends up naked, with one lazy eye & blue ballpoint pen on their head. Bitty Baby, Charlotte's new baby, has been naked for 2 days and has white paint on his head from being wedged between her bed and wall every night. He's well on his way.

* Charlotte just told me, "We're busy, you can leave us alone." She's reading a dinosaur book to Matt while sitting on the toilet. I just wanted to ask him a question, sheesh.

* From the you-can't-make-this-up file: as Charlotte was painting, she frequently told me, "I'm feeling blue." She was both sniffling & using the color blue so I have no idea what she meant.

* I'm not totally paying attention to Charlotte's running dialogue, but this line just jumped out at me..."Even Tigger knows this is crazy!"


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