Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am not a morning person.  Really, really not a morning person.  I am also a mom, which means that despite my non-morning-person-ness, I frequently get up in the morning.  Not as early as my sister, whose alarm is set somewhere in the 5 o'clock hour (shudder), but early enough for someone whose bedtime is long after midnight. So any morning when I have to actually DO something, other than just be present and make breakfast, is like a kick in the pants.  Like today.

Charlotte still has this cough that she just can't shake (part of this three week cycle of illness).  As I've lamented before, there aren't really a lot of medications available for kids under 6 (and for good reason) (my, I'm parenthetical today) so we end up dosing Charlotte with honey.  (Only good for kids over 1 year.)  It works pretty well, especially in the middle of the night when she's not talking a mile a minute.  During the day, all bets are off.  Any benefits won by honey or warm herbal tea are completely trashed by her inability to keep silent.  She just keeps irritating her throat.  (I'm the same way.) (Obviously, I'm just embracing the parentheses today, there's clearly nothing else to be done.)  Last night, like the last week or so, I woke up to hear Charlotte coughing, so I brought a spoonful of honey to her room, sat her up, gave her honey, gave her a cup of water, and went back to bed.  I did this twice.  This morning when Charlotte wandered out to the living room, she had a terrifying knot in her hair, the size of a ping pong ball.  We figure that she must have (grossness alert) coughed out a wad of honey-phlegm-bile right into her hair.  Ew.  So Charlotte needed a bath first thing this morning, which means I needed to GIVE her a bath first thing this morning which means I'm still not awake and also grumpy.  But the whatever-it-was is out of her hair, so that's something.

I have reached several conclusions this morning.  Probably not the ones you might expect.  I have learned:

* Unlike her mother, Charlotte could probably develop dreadlocks quite easily.

* It's time for a haircut.  For Charlotte.  She's never had one, and the ends are all dead, thin, straw-like, and eager to stick to each other.

* Dr. Bronner's soap continues to be my cure-all.  Matt always mocks my soap, but today after baby oil & conditioner failed to detangle the mass, Dr. Bronner's stepped in and helped sort it out.  I don't usually use it on Charlotte because I have the mint one, and that is too intense and burn-y, but next time I will get a vat of the baby or almond and keep that around for washing my disgusting child.

* Today is a whole pot of coffee day.

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