Thursday, April 30, 2009

This week has been totally non-glorious in only the way it can be when you have a cat who pees on the floor who suddenly gets diarrhea and a toddler who has to assert her will about EVERYTHING and a complete lack of ambition to even do so much as fight for the right to shower, much less party. It's one of those weeks where working from home doesn't feel as awesome as it did in the beginning, and I start to worry that I'm damaging my kid since she's obviously bored out of her skull. What sorts of things can I do with an 18 month old that don't involve extensive supervision? Does it make me a bad parent to admit that I keep her in the room with me and keep a vague eye on her rather than trying to amuse her every second of the afternoon? And I'm fighting this sinking feeling about letting her watch Sesame Street every day, but she LOVES it, and I get work done, and Matt loves that she loves it.

Urgh. The questions don't get any easier.

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  1. You are teaching her to entertain herself - that is a good thing!

    Our two current favorite activities: filling up tupperware and a muffin tin with cheerios and encouraging Axel to scoop from one to the other with spoons and various utensils. He also eats them and dumps them on the floor. Good minimal supervision activity, unless you don't want her eating off of the floor. The second is the sand and water table. Ours only has water in it. It's a semi-supervised activity, with Axel on the porch and me sitting in the kitchen (door open between us).