Friday, January 23, 2009

Apparently, quality print media is dead. Bummer.

Just found out that Disney Corporation is gonna shut down Wondertime magazine. I'm utterly bummed - this is the only "parenting" magazine I get, and for good reason. Most of them suck, or have a heavy mommy-bias. Matt actually really enjoys Wondertime, too. I also got Cookie, but my subscription is almost done, thank god. That I subscribed to for 10 dollars to get the cute diaper bag. It sucks. Everything is about buying and shopping and expensive world vacations. I did enjoy the whole Amanda Peet vaccination who-hah, but other than that, I recycle Cookie as soon as I've read it. Wondertime gets saved on a shelf and referred to time after time. That's where we found the World's Best Mac N Cheese recipe.


AND they were local, based out of Northampton, MA. What a bummer, dude.

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  1. I liked Wondertime, too. Too bad!

    Regarding the above post - my husband is from New Hampshire but both his folks are from Mass, and so he spent a lot of time in Boston growing up. Big Red Sox fan. He keeps trying to get Axel to dance to Sweet Caroline and Axel just gives him this perplexed look.