Saturday, September 15, 2007

baby prep and moving stuff

I know this is a stretch, but does anyone have the Lori Pappajohn CD "Celtic Harp of Dreams"? Or any of her stuff? My childbirth class instructor always uses that CD for our relaxation breating, and I feel like I would really benefit from having it during actual labor. I'm waffling between downloading it from iTunes and sending people to look for it at Mystery Train and Turn It Up, but to be honest, if I could just borrow it, that would be better, what with not working right now and all.

Preparations for baby move on apace - according to my countdown on my Google homepage I have 32 days until this baby is due. And I know my doctor really just wants two and a half more weeks. My goal is to make it to October, at least for the shallow reason that I want opal to be this baby's birthstone, and I think that October is a better birthmonth than September. No real reason, I just like October better. I mean, yes, my wedding anniversary is in September, which is nice, but Halloween is in October.

I dearly like our friend/landlord, but I wish he was a little more aggressive about fighting with the plumber to get our washer/dryer installed. I feel like we made the effort to get a washer and dryer here (they were in Matt's parent's basement - his dad rented a truck and drove them here, then he and Matt took the door to the basement off its hinges to get the w/d down there), and it's now been two weeks since we've been paying rent, three weeks since the w/d was dropped off, and there is still no laundry. I really can't do laundry anyway, for the simple reason that I can't reach into the bottom of the washing machine over my belly. But other people could do laundry for me, and I really wish that was an option, rather than sending Matt hither and yon to do my laundry, and getting my sister to do all the baby's laundry.

I'm stupidly upset about not getting to do the baby's laundry, but maybe that will be an entry for the baby journal, if I can bring myself to actually write another entry.

Other than that little complaint, I really am enjoying the new apartment. Stuff is still getting moved in, and things have to be re-arranged, but it is still nice here. Perhaps it is a bit smaller, but it's so hard to tell. Both bedrooms are bigger, so even if the living room/kitchen area is set up differently, it still seems like plenty of room. Unfortunately, that's because so much of our stuff is still in boxes. We're wrestling with how much stuff we can actually unpack vs. how much stuff needs to go into storage. Luckily my sister is very generous with her storage space, and we do have space in the basement here. Also, due to the friend/landlord relationship, we are able to keep things up in the attic here, too, which is nice.

Okay, that's enough time sitting for now. Back to the bed rest.

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